Are you an Empath? Find out now and take your first step towards healing


Characteristics of an Empath:

  • You absorb other people’s emotions
  • You are highly sensitive to people, loud noises, crowded places, violence in media
  • You feel the pain and suffering of others deeply
  • People often tell you their life story
  • You are a natural healer
  • Being in public places can be overwhelming
  • You have highly tuned senses
  • You become replenished in nature
  • You are highly intuitive
  • Prefer one on one contact or small groups
  • You may have an aversion to driving on the freeway
  • Narcissists and energy vampires are drawn to you

Why is Empathy a Superpower?

Your intuitive abilities allow you to walk through this world connected to all that is. Your ability to read energy allows you to have a deep understanding on how to heal others and the world. Your sensitivity is a gift, you are able to understand others on a deep level. People will often open up to you in unexpected ways. Some say we are walking lie detectors.

What is plant medicine?

Plants are the medicine for the people. Plants have traditionally been used to treat common ailments and restore health in humans since time immemorial. Often the cure we seek is just outside in our gardens or backyards. When we become self-reliant we realize our health is up to us and we have the ability to gain knowledge on these herbs, poultices, and teas to heal ourselves and our families.

Why use Crystal allies?

Crystals have a tremendous ability to focus our energy on healing all aspects of our selves. Each crystal has a vibration that we inherently carry but have forgotten. Using crystals help us remember our divine nature.

How can Numerology help me?

Everything that exists on this realm can be reduced to numbers. We can use numerology to find our life path numbers, which is proved to give clear purpose and assists you in becoming your highest self. The power though, does not lie in the numbers, the power always resides in you. Numerology is another gift to help us return to our true selves.


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