Tarot Card of The Day: VIII STRENGTH


Today’s card of the day is Strength! This card represents our inner strength being aligned with what is. You can see there is great harmony in this card. The different aspects of our being are represented by the swan, the lion, and the smoke rising from below. Deeper! It is telling us to go deeper. Accept the dark and the light, be patient with yourself. By showing self-compassion you will be able to ‘tame your inner beast’. Stay calm, don’t react, and accept those dark parts of yourself that you try to hide. It is easy to lose your cool and become angry at situations that arise. It takes great strength to calmly deal with your frustrations. Forgiveness is key, and letting go of the past as it no longer exists. Stay present because time is but an illusion, there is no past and there is no future, there is only now. Take time to meditate today and enjoy being present. Spend time alone and recharge! When our minds are clear from fears and anxiety we are able to better connect with our true selves. When we are aligned with ourselves, we can do anything!

What has been challenging you lately? Are you able to let it go, and be happy in the present? Please leave a comment below.

Sending love and light your way! -Rochelle


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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

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