Tarot Card of The Day: Five of Swords


Hello Earth Angels! Today’s card is the Five of Swords! This card was a bit difficult to understand at first, but with time and looking at it from a different perspective its meaning is clear! Today this card is all about rejecting old ways of thinking and bringing in the calming presence of your higher self into your life. When we are caught up in the form of our “life” we are feeding the ego. The ego thrives on conflict, judgement, and reacting. When we are truly connected to our self, which is everything, we can learn to accept things as they are. Everything in our human reality is fleeting, it will pass as it is not real. Sometimes the best reaction, is non reaction. As you can see the swan on the right is distressed, mouth wide as if he is arguing. He has his sword unsheathed as if he is ready for a fight. It’s clear that the swan on the left is cool, calm, and collected. He’s not letting anything get to him, and his sword is sheathed. The Angel is following the swan on the left and you should to. Practice taking a different perspective when you are faced with obstacles. Try not to let the little things get to you, and chose your battles wisely. When we are constantly at battle with ourselves, with our loved ones, and just the world in general we are not leaving space for love and positive energy to flow within.

What do you do to calm yourself when a difficult situation arises? Leave a comment below!

I have been practicing focusing my attention on my five senses: what do I see? What do I hear? What do I feel with my hands? What do I smell? What do I taste on my tongue? By the time I’m done going through my senses I feel the anger leave, and calmness enter.

Sending love and light your way! -Rochelle



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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

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