Welcome to the Past Present Future: A Message from The Universe


Hello Earth Angels,

Today I thought would be a fun day to check in with my guides and see what advice they have to offer. I decided to do a past, present and future spread. Tarot is a great tool to connect with your higher self. It is a way to receive messages in a tangible way, on a level that you can understand in your human form. Some people are able to receive these messages through channeling, pendulums, scrying, and use of ‘the clairs’, the list goes on. What is important is that you are open to receiving these messages and are in tune with the universe.

Human beings are receivers! That is why it is important to stay high vibe, so you are able to receive these high vibe messages. Ways to get high vibe and stay high vibe include staying hydrated by drinking enough plain water, eating healthy nutrient dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, getting enough sleep, exercise, spending time in nature, and meditation. Remember to breathe deeply, and let the energy of the universe flow inside you.


Today I asked assistance from my Arcturian friends and my higher self. I asked them to show me what energies I should focus on and for a message that I could share to help others. If you aren’t familiar with the Arcturians, they are beings from a higher dimension who are helping earth move into the fifth dimension.

The Arcturians are sending powerful beams of light and love into mother earth’s atmosphere at this moment, to assist in raising the consciousness of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. So if you are wondering why it seems like everyone around you is waking up… It’s because we are ascending! The earthlings are remembering their true spiritual nature. We are being assisted in rising above low level vibrations such as fear, jealousy, hatred, greed. We are moving into the dimension of love, joy, happiness, creation, and fulfilling our life’s destiny.

Although we are being assisted in raising our vibrations, it is and always will be each individuals own choice. That is the beauty of free will. You can choose in this lifetime to raise your vibration and inherit the earth. Or you can remain at the vibration you are currently on and you will not return to Mother Earth in your next lifetime. Instead you will incarnate on a planet that is a better match for your vibration.

I choose to raise my vibration, because I am in love with Mother Earth and I wish to help create the new systems that are the framework for New Earth. I am passionate about helping create the New Earth for my (future) children, grandchildren, and the next seven generations. I am passionate about healing my ancestral Karma, and healing our historical trauma, and rising to a new level of consciousness.

Of course, I got a bit sidetracked as this post was originally intended to be about tarot. I did ask for a message to share, and I received one!


I pulled three cards today, The Wheel of fortune, Knight of Pentacles Reversed, and Death. Past, present, and future.

Past: The Wheel of fortune represents the highs and lows that come with the cycles of life. There have been good times, and of course there have been bad times too. In the past position, The Wheel of Life is representing those big changes in your past that have set the stage to where you are going now. This card represents our resiliency, and ability to adapt, adjust, and make the changes needed to ascend. It shows us that we are divine, and truly a part of the universe. It is showing us that the cycles of life are there to teach us lessons, so that we may evolve. We are evolving.

Present: The reversed Knight of Pentacles in this position is letting us know that we are in a period of inactivity. You may feel stuck in a boring or mundane routine in your daily life. This is a reminder that even though things are going slow right now, it is important to keep up with your obligations. Make sure you are paying attention to your practical needs, such as making sure your bills are paid, your house is clean, you are spending time with your loved ones, and you are taking care of your body. Stay positive, as this is just another cycle in your life that will be ending soon.

Future: Death, sounds scary but death is a blessing. It represents the cyclic nature of our existence. The return to source. With death, there is life. There is no life without death. So death in the future position represents the ending of one life, and the beginning of another. This does not represent literal death in this position. Death is a sign that the path that you have been on has not been in vain, and the new life that you have been working towards is here now. Say goodbye to the old constraints that have held you in an endless cycle of karma. And welcome to the New Earth. You are in a sense, reborn.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love you.

Starseed. Empath. New Earth Angel.



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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

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