Full Moon May 2017: Flower Moon

Happy Full Moon beautiful Earth Angels!

Today is a great day to be alive! The energy of this full moon is sure to spark a change in how we go about manifesting our realities. We are light warriors, destined to lay down the foundation of New Earth.

The flower moon represents the flower of life, the beauty of consciousness manifested in the most beautiful natural earthly form. You can’t say flower and not think of it’s beauty. You are a flower dear angels! You are the flower of consciousness experiencing life on Mother Earth!


We set our intentions on the April 26th new moon. This full moon is bringing powerful energy of creation to Mother Earth.

The flower moon is encouraging us to continue to let go of fear, and embrace our new reality.

The flower moon reminds us that it is okay to be happy all of the time! Embrace the beauty of what you are!

What does this mean?

Lightworkers are anchoring in this energy into our matrix. Many of us have felt a lack of energy during the first half of this moon cycle, only to feel the electric current hit us and really light us up in the last few days.

We are experiencing increased motivation to continue working on the projects we are being guided to by our higher selves. Increased insight, and clear knowing about the direction our path is going. We have had an idea earlier this year on what we would like to accomplish this year. We set goals, and have been taking steps to achieve them.

We are coming to the realization that our goals and dreams are bigger than we initially imagined. We are beginning to realize we have a fire burning in our soul, and are adapting our goals and dreams. We are thinking bigger, on a much larger scale.

Beware of Distractions

Earthly distractions always come at a time where powerful energy is coming to earth. Do not get lost in your quest for social justice and environmental protection. I suggest unplugging from mainstream (social) media for a few hours and relax your mind. We have some important work to do, and these conflicts are there to distract us from completing our mission.

Be sure you meditate tonight, and perform a Full Moon ritual if you so desire. Drink plenty of water today, as our bodies are processing the highest energies. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!

Rochelle Denise
new earth angel.







Angel Message 1212 – New Earth Angel

I can’t be normal. I have to be a revolutionary. I have to change the world. 

My energy is vibrating higher than ever since last night.
Is it just me, or can you feel it too?
Full moon May 10, 2017.
Bringing serious creative energy to assist in the awakening of souls on Mother earth.

Creative = having the quality or power of creating.

Awake = to rouse to action; become active

I am one with Mother Earth. I am a part of her.

1212 Angel message

Your thoughts have power, more so than you can comprehend in your earthling form. Have faith. Stay positive. Take action.
Take time to listen to your inner guide. Take the time needed to really relax and open yourself to new possibilities. You will see that with a positive outlook, determination and the courage to create and to step out of your comfort zone you can literally do anything. Follow your true souls plan and only do things that make you happy.
You can achieve your dreams with action.  Trust that you are being supported while you are serving your soul’s mission. If you are reading this, you are already being supported by the highest. Do not worry about what your peers say, or if society judges you for doing something unusual in their eyes. You are a light. You need to shine your light, to awaken the light in your community. Mother earth has a schedule to keep.

Protect your Mother, Respect your Mother. Ascend.

-Rochelle Denise

new earth angel.

Grow Your Own Food: Create More, Consume Less!

IMG_1590 (2)

Hello Earth Angels,

Growing your own food is a great way to get back to your roots so to say.

When we play an active role of creating the food that we consume, we have a deeper connection and appreciation for mother earth as these are her gifts to us.

You can find seeds at just about any grocery store. You can also use seeds that you have collected from the fruits and veggies that you have consumed already.

With some plants such as celery, carrots, and garlic; you can use what you already have in your kitchen to start your garden! I’m sure if you checked your kitchen right now you’d find something to start your garden adventure with!


You don’t need to have lots of land before you start your garden. Potting plants work just fine! If you have more space, try a raised bed garden and make it as big (or small) as you want.


You can find 5 gallon buckets for only a couple dollars at your local hardware store. Just drill a few holes on the bottom, line with gravel, then add the soil of your choice, as well as any other additions you’d like.

You can start your seeds inside then transfer them into your garden. If it is too late in the season to start from seed you should go to your local plant nursery and find a few starters that you think you wont end up killing.


Be sure to give your new plant friends lots of love, light, and water! I talk to my plants and thank them when I harvest from them.

Living with plants near by or in your home brings peace, tranquility, and fresh air!

In the New Earth we are connected with Mother Earth. Therefore it is important to chose healthy, and sustainable choices.


We are connected to our food in the New Earth, and destructive farming practices that poison mother earth will no longer exist. Animal Agriculture will also no longer exist, so we better get a move on evolving our diets!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love you.

Starseed. Empath. New Earth Angel.




Tarot Card of the Day: XVI The Tower


Hello Earth Angels,

This morning I asked for guidance only from the highest. I asked for a message to share, and guidance on where to focus my energies today.

I have never drawn The Tower card before in any of my readings. The energy that comes from this card had me very curious.

The Tower card’s energy is letting us know that just as fast as the lightning strikes, a sudden change is coming our way. It will be sudden, it will change our lives as we know it.

This challenge could come in different forms. It could mean a sudden change in finances, your current career, and relationships. Out with the old, and in with the new.

You may have been stuck in a routine, and fear change. Too comfortable to really make a difference. Well good thing we are always being assisted by the highest, they are helping to raise Mother Earth’s vibration and the low vibrations are being cleared at this time. So it is no wonder our old, low vibrational patterns are coming to light and are being eliminated.


It is important to note that changes The Tower’s energies could bring may be shocking, violent, and quite extreme. We can only prepare so much. But please process your feelings and let them go when this occurs. Everything that happens has a divine reason. Just go with the flow of universal energy, and just try your best.

Stay focused on creating your ideal future dear Angels. We are not in this alone. If you would like to ease the blow of this transformational energy, you can make the steps needed to get you to where you would like to be. If you hate your job, please start looking for a new one. Start your own business if you can. If you have been in an unsatisfying relationship it is time to take the steps needed to free yourself from unhappiness. Continue nourishing your body, and make healthy choices daily. Do not fear being alone, you are never alone. Have no fear, as fear does not exist.

 Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love you.

Rochelle Denise
Starseed. Empath. New Earth Angel.


Reactivity is a Fear Based Emotion: Lesson from a Towed Car

pexels-photo-132944Hello Earth Angels,

This past weekend I had a test on how well I can keep my cool and not react. On Saturday night I was having a great time watching movies with my honey and we fell asleep on the couch. We recently moved into a townhome whose homeowners association has strict rules on overnight parking on the street. If you leave your car on the street immediately in front of your townhouse after 2am, your car will be missing when you wake up.

So of course, being the relaxed person I am.. I forgot to pull my car into the driveway before watching the movie. I remember the movie ended around 1am, but my honey and I were so comfortable on the couch we just fell asleep. We ended up waking up at 5:30am, and surprise surprise we forgot the car!

I open the front door and see that my car was towed. (These rules are ridiculous, but we chose to move there. I honestly felt like my car was stolen and was being held for ransom but that’s another story.)

My honey went to the bathroom, but I could feel myself questioning… should I be upset? should I be crying right now, my car was stolen! Should I be angry and yell? I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to react. So I didn’t.


I think I looked towards my honey to see if he would react. He was cool as a cucumber, he has a way about him that is just chill. He handles his emotions well, mostly, and is not a reactive person in general.

I realized, I don’t have to cry and scream and ask the world “Why me!”. What is done, simply is done and the only thing I could do about it was go back to sleep, and pick up the car later in the morning.

I think this was an excellent lesson for me on this path. You do not have to react and be consumed by negative fear based emotions. Stay calm, and look at the situation in from a higher perspective. Breathe when you feel the old fear based emotions come up, and realize you are in charge not your emotions. Be aware of the emotions, and let them go. Reactivity is a low level vibration, here in the New Earth we are beyond that.

The School of Earth can be hard if you make it hard. Or you can just go with the flow of life and stay positive, and realize that none of this is real.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love you.

Starseed. Empath. New Earth Angel.