Love, Ascension, and driving across the Continental Divide.


Sometimes I talk a lot, and sometimes I don’t talk at all. Get to know me!

-Rochelle Denise


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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

2 thoughts on “Love, Ascension, and driving across the Continental Divide.

  1. I watched! lol This was fun to watch.

    I’m in Seattle and have been for years, but after this ascension gig is over, well, for me, my “current” role (‘cuz I KNOW I’ll continue to help this effort)… then I’ll be going “back home” in BF Montana (yes, the same BF that often precedes Egypt πŸ˜‰ lol) I look forward to it.

    I have so loved Seattle for so many years. It has absolutely been “home”, but it’s changing and not for the better. I could say that they are “eastcoastifying” it but I know this is the same “cabal agenda” that is going on everywhere. But yeah, I’m ready to get out on the land again. And yet, I know by leaving Seattle, I will be able to appreciate it again.

    So much change in the world as the purveyors of old paradigm keep attempting to force their hand, but there’s too much light now and that is ready to unfold in bigger, bolder ways… though all of us.

    And that whole pulling up stakes thing needs to happen sometimes, to get our “out there” to catch up to our “in here” changes. I did not leave the area but split ups with long-term exes and having to sell a house, things things forced the outer “house cleaning” a few times… and then the Divine deciding it was time for me to get a planet ascended, lol πŸ˜‰ … and people left behind also… all in Divine and Perfect Timing.

    Always fun to be on the downhill side of “any” Continental Divine. πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like you’re jazzed. You and your honey, enjoy your new location!


  2. Thank you for watching! I miss Seattle a lot, and knew when I was leaving that it was no longer the home I knew growing up. It’s sad to see, but I’m hopeful Seattle will heal soon. Just have to be patient as the old/ lower vibrations are leaving my reality.


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