Grow Your Own Food: Create More, Consume Less!

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Hello Earth Angels,

Growing your own food is a great way to get back to your roots so to say.

When we play an active role of creating the food that we consume, we have a deeper connection and appreciation for mother earth as these are her gifts to us.

You can find seeds at just about any grocery store. You can also use seeds that you have collected from the fruits and veggies that you have consumed already.

With some plants such as celery, carrots, and garlic; you can use what you already have in your kitchen to start your garden! I’m sure if you checked your kitchen right now you’d find something to start your garden adventure with!


You don’t need to have lots of land before you start your garden. Potting plants work just fine! If you have more space, try a raised bed garden and make it as big (or small) as you want.


You can find 5 gallon buckets for only a couple dollars at your local hardware store. Just drill a few holes on the bottom, line with gravel, then add the soil of your choice, as well as any other additions you’d like.

You can start your seeds inside then transfer them into your garden. If it is too late in the season to start from seed you should go to your local plant nursery and find a few starters that you think you wont end up killing.


Be sure to give your new plant friends lots of love, light, and water! I talk to my plants and thank them when I harvest from them.

Living with plants near by or in your home brings peace, tranquility, and fresh air!

In the New Earth we are connected with Mother Earth. Therefore it is important to chose healthy, and sustainable choices.


We are connected to our food in the New Earth, and destructive farming practices that poison mother earth will no longer exist.Β Animal Agriculture will also no longer exist, so we better get a move on evolving our diets!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I love you.

Starseed. Empath. New Earth Angel.





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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

4 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Food: Create More, Consume Less!

    1. I grew thai chilies in a little pot when I lived in a apartment. Used them for my teriyaki sauce it was delicious! They are so easy to grow, and super low maintenance. Just make sure they are watered every few days or a week, and you get a ton of peppers!

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