Full Moon May 2017: Flower Moon

Happy Full Moon beautiful Earth Angels!

Today is a great day to be alive! The energy of this full moon is sure to spark a change in how we go about manifesting our realities. We are light warriors, destined to lay down the foundation of New Earth.

The flower moon represents the flower of life, the beauty of consciousness manifested in the most beautiful natural earthly form. You can’t say flower and not think of it’s beauty. You are a flower dear angels! You are the flower of consciousness experiencing life on Mother Earth!


We set our intentions on the April 26th new moon. This full moon is bringing powerful energy of creation to Mother Earth.

The flower moon is encouraging us to continue to let go of fear, and embrace our new reality.

The flower moon reminds us that it is okay to be happy all of the time! Embrace the beauty of what you are!

What does this mean?

Lightworkers are anchoring in this energy into our matrix. Many of us have felt a lack of energy during the first half of this moon cycle, only to feel the electric current hit us and really light us up in the last few days.

We are experiencing increased motivation to continue working on the projects we are being guided to by our higher selves. Increased insight, and clear knowing about the direction our path is going. We have had an idea earlier this year on what we would like to accomplish this year. We set goals, and have been taking steps to achieve them.

We are coming to the realization that our goals and dreams are bigger than we initially imagined. We are beginning to realize we have a fire burning in our soul, and are adapting our goals and dreams. We are thinking bigger, on a much larger scale.

Beware of Distractions

Earthly distractions always come at a time where powerful energy is coming to earth. Do not get lost in your quest for social justice and environmental protection. I suggest unplugging from mainstream (social) media for a few hours and relax your mind. We have some important work to do, and these conflicts are there to distract us from completing our mission.

Be sure you meditate tonight, and perform a Full Moon ritual if you so desire. Drink plenty of water today, as our bodies are processing the highest energies. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!

Rochelle Denise
new earth angel.







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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

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