5 Reasons why YOU should become your higher self !


Still on the fence about totally transforming your life?  Here are 5 reasons why YOU should become your higher self!

1. You will be happier- Don’t we all want to be happier? As your higher self you are aware what emotions are. An Emotion is a physical, biochemical effect of an experience. Emotions are a reaction to the past. As your higher self you are the Observer. You care, but you do not become consumed. You are aware, and have that deep understanding that all is one, all is love.

2. You can create a life of abundance- You will be loving your life, because you created it! Where your intention goes, energy flows. So make it your intention to become your higher self and live a life of abundance. The thing is, our conscious intentions have the power to create anything that we desire. This is our divine birthright as humans, earth is our playground! Consciousness and Energy are a dynamic force of creation and are beautifully intertwined. Everything that exists originated in consciousness and manifested through energy into mass.

3. You won’t feel alone anymore- As your higher self you know that we are all one. You will look at the world from the highest perspective. The birds are your friends, the trees, dogs, cats, the water is your friend. You will be surrounded by friends wherever you go! You will draw people into your life that are at a similar frequency. Your relationships will be harmonious, and full of love and laughter.

4. You will be able to connect with the spiritual realm- As your higher self, you are aware that you are a multidimensional being. That awareness allows you to transcend your physical reality and connect with your higher dimensional realities. You will be able to clearly communicate with your angels, spirit guides, galactic family, and other higher dimensional beings. Your spiritual support squad are always there to support you on the physical realm, they are all rooting for your success on Mother Earth.

5. You will be helping all of humanity- As your higher self you are aware of your toroidal field, and how it affects all life around you. You are centered in your heart as your highest self. You emit love, compassion, joy, and goodwill. You will be a light that transmutes lower vibrational energy into high vibrational energy. You will do this simply by being yourself! Humanity needs your light to ascend collectively, awaken to our divine birthright as co-creators of our realities, and to reconnect with our galactic family on the physical plane.
Rochelle B.