Manifesting Blue Skies with Orgone Energy

Orgone energy is another tool for ascension that we have access to right now! I had a lovely morning enjoying seeing manifestation happen before my very eyes. Orgone devices transmute deadly Orgone energy (life fore energy ie. the energy that surrounds us that is not visible with your physical eyes) and transmutes it into Positive Orgone Energy! In a world where our bodies are exposed to high levels of inharmonious EMF radiation, and toxic air and water becoming the new normal we are needing to protect our selves. Orgone devices are truly a blessing and a very powerful tool to assist in healing yourself and the planet!

Much love beautiful ones!


Awakening to Universal Truth

In this stage of the ascension process many are awakening to the simple truths which are the Universal Laws. With the knowledge of these laws we are able to apply these teachings to our lives and truly become the creators of our existence.

I first dived into these Universal Laws by learning about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is.. very attractive. The idea that our previously seemingly insignificant thoughts harness the power to create our realities is a concept that seems so simple, yet it’s application creates massive transformation in your reality.

To summarize the Law of Attraction to allow for greater understanding is so simple: your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts are energy, as everything is energy. So your thoughts do not simply disappear after you think them, they are sent out to the Universe and the Universe in turn draws to you the parallel of what you put out. ie. Thoughts of love sent out to Universe draws more love into your life, thoughts of wealth draws wealth into your life. Be specific on what you would like to attract to your life.

Before ascending further I did spend most of my ‘time’ thinking about my problems, what I did not like about my life, how I didn’t enjoy my job, and thoughts of being alone. What do you think manifested in my life? Sorrow, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. I was caught up in what I didn’t like about my life and did not have the knowledge I have now that my thoughts should be focused on what I would like in my life instead of what I did not like in my life.

So we must learn about these Universal Laws which we have been distracted from in modern society. It is time for us all to step into our true divine selves and create a life that we love, as it is simple. We just need to set the intention, believe it is, and take action to manifest our dream lives. This power is no longer reserved for the elite. We are Divine Humans. We are the Co-creators with the Universe!


Blessings to you, and may your path be lit with the highest light.



About New Earth Angels

My name is Rochelle and I am here to speak my truth and connect with other New Earth Angels, Starseeds,  and all other beings of the light. Let’s talk about New Earth Angels!

As a New Earth Angel we started paying attention to the messages we were being sent that we must ascend. We may have experienced suffering, depression, fear, anxiety, and more low vibrational emotions. We are New Earth Angels, we are here for a purpose and those vibrations no longer serve us so we were called to release them. That releasing process is not the easiest and there may have been some growing pains.

We were feeling the effects of being dis-aligned from our true selves and have been spending most of our lives as an outcast, something was always a bit off and we were trying to fit in to a society that does not resonate with our soul’s purpose. We were guided with a ‘wake up call’ to step back into our power and remember our galactic origins.

We have been created from the stars, and we are the stars. We are consciousness inhabiting a human vessel experiencing life in a physical reality. We are multi-dimensional beings. We are galactic beings. There are so many ways to explain it but I like to think that I am a soul having a physical experience, and that I have volunteered to come to earth during this moment of planetary ascension to be a light for humanity. You may think otherwise and that is OKAY. We all create our own realities and this is what I resonate most with.

We are much more than what we have been told our whole lives. Part of the collective choice to experience the third dimensional reality included creating systems that were not of the light. School systems as we know it are not for the highest good of human kind.  We must respect our children and create new systems and release those that no longer serve a purpose.

I cannot stress how important that we do not continue the system of education as we know it. We must not raise our children as we were raised because they are souls of a different time. The children have been incarnating on earth since around the year 2012. We are now about to enter the “year” 2018 and a mass amount of higher vibrational children are now being incarnated on earth fully awakened.

Our collective consciousness has risen enough that these new awakened souls are able to arrive. The most important work we can do to help these new souls is to remain in alignment with our sacred heart center and maintain a high vibration. Some of us will be tasked with the birthing process and parenting of these new earth children. We must nurture these divine souls of light and not “fuck up” their child hood as they have very important work to do.

When we are aligned with our sacred heart center we are aligned with ‘source consciousness’. Allowing our physical vessels to act as transmitters of divine love. Our toroidal field interacts with all life that surrounds us and we have the power to transmute lower vibrational energy to a higher frequency which will pass on to everyone whom we come in contact with, and so it goes on. Simply by being.

As a New Earth Angel you must remember your higher dimensional selves. Astral travel is an ability that we all have access to right now. I recommend, whenever you are ready for it, that you learn more about this ability and try to incorporate it into your life. It would be beneficial for all of humanity!

This website may transform as I evolve, and I notice changes everyday. Nothing is ever constant, and I expect to receive new knowledge every day and so it is. I hope this site can become a community. I know that during my awakening and ascension process I was very solitary and did not have communication with others that were like-minded. I think that I wouldn’t have had so many depressive episodes if I wasn’t out there on my own.

So I hope we can all become one big happy New Earth Angel Community. For now, I will be speaking my truth and connecting with all of you! Thank you for your love and support, I love you Angels!

All is love, All is light!
Rochelle B.

See New Earth Angels Services to receive tarot readings, guidance, and healing from Rochelle, an Angelic Starseed with a team of angels looking to assist with the global awakening and disclosure process. Please be sure to read Rochelle’s blog where she shares insight on the ascension process and becoming your highest self. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel, which will be evolving as I do! New content is sure to flow!


Star People

Hi Star fam! I heard this song for the first time today and I recommend you take a listen. Disclosure is happening now, and we are preparing to meet our star family! By remaining aligned and pursuing our passions we are being of great service to humanity! I am full of love when I think of the future/present/now. Remember to continue setting positive intentions for yourself and humanity and think of these intentions often throughout your day. Your thoughts are very powerful and essential in this work we are doing. Souls on earth are awakening at an incredible rate I see changes every single day! Our family will be here very soon!

Rochelle Denise
new earth angel.