Awakening to Universal Truth

In this stage of the ascension process many are awakening to the simple truths which are the Universal Laws. With the knowledge of these laws we are able to apply these teachings to our lives and truly become the creators of our existence.

I first dived into these Universal Laws by learning about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is.. very attractive. The idea that our previously seemingly insignificant thoughts harness the power to create our realities is a concept that seems so simple, yet it’s application creates massive transformation in your reality.

To summarize the Law of Attraction to allow for greater understanding is so simple: your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts are energy, as everything is energy. So your thoughts do not simply disappear after you think them, they are sent out to the Universe and the Universe in turn draws to you the parallel of what you put out. ie. Thoughts of love sent out to Universe draws more love into your life, thoughts of wealth draws wealth into your life. Be specific on what you would like to attract to your life.

Before ascending further I did spend most of my ‘time’ thinking about my problems, what I did not like about my life, how I didn’t enjoy my job, and thoughts of being alone. What do you think manifested in my life? Sorrow, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. I was caught up in what I didn’t like about my life and did not have the knowledge I have now that my thoughts should be focused on what I would like in my life instead of what I did not like in my life.

So we must learn about these Universal Laws which we have been distracted from in modern society. It is time for us all to step into our true divine selves and create a life that we love, as it is simple. We just need to set the intention, believe it is, and take action to manifest our dream lives. This power is no longer reserved for the elite. We are Divine Humans. We are the Co-creators with the Universe!


Blessings to you, and may your path be lit with the highest light.




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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

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