11/11 Gateway + Crystal Bath Ritual

Hello beautiful souls and thank you for joining me today. We are now feeling the energies of the 11/11 gateway. In Numerology the number 1 is a signifier of new beginings, initiative, self reliance, ambition, happiness, motivation, fullfillment, success. This is multiplied four times on the 11/11 gateway which is a strong wake-up call for humanity. To the ones that are tuning in we are able to utilize this energy in manifesting our dream lives.

Today is a good day to set intentions, meditate, say your affirmations, visualize your dreams and aspirations and know that you have the power to create that dream life here and NOW! We are stepping into a golden age!

We are being activated and are now building up our crystalline physical and light bodies. Synchronicity is increasing and more divine humans are becoming aware. As a crystal being we are connected to our multidimensional aspects and are aligned with unity consciousness. All is love. All is light. You are unique, and you are the Universe. You are a special fragment of light here on earth to share your unique gifts and talents.

You may be feeling like a completely new person now. Now is the time to celebrate! We made it! We are here, together, and our personal journeys have been essential in anchoring these new earth energies. We have each learned many lessons, and through each lesson we have grown closer to our highest self. Be sure to stay grounded throughout this process as we are anchoring some incredibly high vibrations we may not be used to.

During this phase of the ascension process many of us have remembered knowledge of the Universal Laws. With this knowledge we are able to utilize life force energy in order to create the lives of our dreams. Stay focused on your dreams without any limitations. Reach for the stars and take your dreams higher than you ever though imaginable! Utilize the Law of Attraction in your life. All is possible!

To help you release all that no longer serves you I share with you a ritual to cleanse and charge your auric fields so you may build up your crystalline light body.

Auric Cleansing Bath: Crystal Bath

What a relaxing experience. Cleansing and Charging with my crystal friends.

Essential Oils
Flowers/ Petals/ Dried flowers
Meditation Music/ Speaker

Step 1: Before your bath take a shower and cleanse your bodies. Imagine the water from the shower head washing away all negative energy and attachments. State that you release all that no longer serves you and all that is not aligned with the highest good for all.

Step 2: Gather your favorite crystals or crystals you are intuitively drawn to. (Large crystals and raw crystals are my favorite for baths,) I used amethyst, Herkimer diamond, selenite (a safe distance from the tub), clear quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, a raw quartz specimen, orgonite, aragonite, and phrenite.

Step 3: Place your crystals and candles around the tub. Place candles around the tub as well. When you have all of your crystals and candles set up in a harmonious way I would start the music. I recommend isochronic tones in the meditation music at 528 hz or 432 hz for this ritual bath.

Step 4: Gather your salt, essential oils, and flowers. Run the bath at a warm temperature. While bath is filling, you may add the salt first. You are going to want a good amount of salt so I say just put a bunch in. Measurements I would put at least one cup of salt in this bath but put as much as you are intuitively drawn to as that will be the best amount for you.

Essential oils you only need a couple drops. You may stick with one main essential oil or blend as intuitively drawn. Then as your warm bath is filling up, drop your flowers into the soothing water.

Step 5: Arrange your crystals and candles (I used tea light candles in glass holders) around your tub, the crystals energy all have at least a three-foot radius, depending on the size it could be a much larger radius. I place the crystals on the edge of the tub but you can place wherever you’d like. Just create a sacred, relaxing environment.

Step 6: Light your candles and undress. As you prepare to step into the bath water, take a moment to set your intention for the bath ritual. I stated “With this bath I release all that no longer serves me, I cleanse and charge my aura, and remove all negative entities, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.”

Step 7: Relax in your crystal bath and imagine all negativity flowing out from your bodies into the water, which then is transmuted into pure love. You are surrounded in pure love and light. Enjoy.


After your crystal bath it would be good to air dry, meditate, and write in your gratitude journal.Β During this 11/11 portal day keep your vibrations high, meditate, say your affirmations and set your intentions for the day, get out into nature and take a walk, drink plenty of plain clean water, and be sure you get plenty of LIGHT in your diet. Cleanse. Charge. Transmit. Receive. We are crystalline beings. Love and Light my friends!

*Be sure the crystals you place around the tub are water safe.
** Salt can be raw, natural sea salt, Epsom salt, or non iodized salt.




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Rochelle is an Angelic Starseed on a mission to heal herself and heal the world. As a lightworker she is dedicated to creating content that will be of service to others for the highest good of all!

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