A walk with an Eagle

We are not separate from the Universe, we are the Universe.


Today was a crisp day in Minnesota. I went on a couple errands with my husband and we really enjoyed our time together. When we arrived at the local superstore I was just so filled with energy and loved the feeling of my hiking boots I ran upon the sidewalk showing off my spectacular skill of stopping on a dime. I then carried on with a ninja display of a run up the wall. I was just so excited to be out and just hanging with my honey.

Our visit to the superstore was brief, as we were simply there for a return. As we arrived to the customer service counter the clerk was quick, fast, and efficient only asking one question “Is it damaged?” which we replied “No”. Seconds later a receipt is in my husbands hand with no further communication needed. We must not get out much because we were actually shocked it was so  fast and that we didn’t need to slide his card for the return to be processed, it was just automatic!

While back in the car and leaving the superstore parking lot we acknowledged that it was way to busy out and that we should consider not leaving the house again this weekend. There were cars lined up everywhere and my husband quickly dodged the traffic and cut through and got out of there quick.

We arrive next at the hardware store, the second stop on our trip. We needed to purchase some fuses for our Solstice tree. While there we decided to get lights to hang outside as it’s our first winter solsitice in the Townhome, and we’ve always lived in apartments together.

It was not quite as busy as the superstore, but there were definitley more than normal. The decoration section was packed with people eyeing lights and deciding which ones would look best in their homes.  I had to say excuse me a few times and squeezed myy way between some displays. I was also able to pick up a product needed for a project I am working on (Orgone Energy Devices).

After the hardware store we went to our final destination of the day. A day park with a path around a small lake near our home. Here in Minnesota there are thousands of lakes, but this one is more the size of a large pond. Although it is a smaller lake I love it so much because it is real hot spot for bird activity. I love identifying the new birds I see and also being blessed to see large birds of prey such as the Eagle I met today.

Eagles are divine messengers from spirit.

I have a history with Eagles, Hawks, Red Tailed Hawks, and Golden Eagles since moving to Minnesota in 2016. They appear so frequently and I feel like I interact with them always in such profound ways. I love seeing them soar, dive, and simply stare at me. They are so magical and pure I know they are multi-dimensional beings delivering messages from heaven.

As we walk around the lake we immediately spot the Eagle that I had heard earlier in the day from my bedroom window. It had screeched and I immediately grabbed my binoculars from my side table in my room and spotted it. The soaring eagle was a little far but I was able to identify it off in the distance.

Back at the lake it was partially frozen and seagulls were hanging out in the center. Rounding the path we held hands tight and I admired the trees and wildlife. We spotted a huge beaver “house”, and as we wrapped our way around the lake we were lucky enough to view SIX beavers! I was just thrilled! We were also able to view a bright red cardinal, and a fluffy upside down squirrel.

When we reach the tree the eagle is perched high upon we slow down and quiet our voices. We walk past the tree to a clearing where we have a clear view of the Eagle above us. We were close enough to see our Eagle friend up-close and personal. To view the eyes of an Eagle, and have it acknowledge your presence is an amazing feeling. I told my Eagle friend hello, waved and said “I love you!”. We just stood there in silence for a while, and I requested the eagle show me his claws. Just moments after, his wings rose and he shifted so I could have a better view of his talons.

It was so calm and quiet, and after a while he spread his wings and silently glided down and off over the lake. Making a beautiful sweep around the trees and then finally out of view. My husband and I just stood there in awe for a moment before we continued on our journey around the lake.

I absolutely love getting out of the day to day routine and getting into nature. When short on time or when it is colder out and we are looking for a quick walk I am thankful to have a lake nearby to walk around and view natures gifts and see my wild family! I try to do this every week, especially now that the days are so short and when I get off work throughout the week now it is dark outside with the moon shining.

I have been doing much self reflection lately and just trying to keep my vibration high as we go through these significant cosmic changes. I am looking forward to 2018 and I know this is the year that I manifest my dream life. Yes, I know, I have already manifested my dream life once before! With consciousness expansion and integration of your higher self you never are done, you may reach one goal but the next is always arising.

So I let go of self-limiting beliefs, and release all that no longer serves me. I know that I can do anything as I am a divine creator! It’s just who I AM. I am setting high goals now, making plans, and taking action. I found an old “fortune” from a cookie today which stated “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So I am taking that advice, and planning, and not just planning but taking the actions needed to reach my dreams.

So the month of December I challenge you to meditate for at least 10 minuets daily, write in your journal your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas, take a cleansing salt bath on the new moon and set specific intentions for the new year. Peace and love be with you!