Hello beautiful souls, my name is Rochelle! I have been an empath my whole life, and have always been able to sense energies. IMG_20171103_120456_687.jpg

I offer my services because I have been able to transform my body and my life and i’d like to help others become the greatest version of themselves and manifest the life of their dreams.

Before my transformation I was depressed, anxious and overweight (because I was not following my souls path, my internal guidance system was sending me alarms to wake up!). I felt like I was being pushed through life with no aim. I finally had enough and decided that I wanted to be happy and free to experience life on my own terms. I desired a career where I can work from home, travel the world, spend more time in nature and with my family.

I wanted my career to be a reflection of my core values and beliefs. My career in the corporate world did not bring me that excitement and passion so I decided to release it and to welcome in a new reality for myself. I want to help you do the same! We all have the power to create happy and healthy lives for ourselves that brings us love, joy, and abundance!

My services are valuable as I assist you in your journey of becoming the highest version of yourself. This includes Nutrition Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching, Crystal healing techniques along with a recommendation on a crystal that would help in your path. I will help you find your soul purpose and how you can utilize that to transform your outer-world to be a reflection of your inside world.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@newearthangelsascension.com