About Me

About Me:

Hello, my name is Rochelle and I am 27 years young. Sun in Virgo, Libra ascending, Moon in Pisces.FB_IMG_1493400763098.jpg

I am an empath and a galactic being! I enjoy reading tarot, healing with crystals, and raising my vibration. I am in contact with my spirit guides and they often present themselves to me in animal form. I use tarot as a tool to receive messages from my spirit guides/ angels/ my higher self.

I believe it is part of my life plan to be a nurturer and a leader.

I have always felt a bit different from my peers, especially as a child. I have always been sensitive to peoples emotions and could tell what was going on in their world. I tend to put myself in other peoples shoes and am able to relate to them on a deep level. I acknowledge that we are all connected, and are all related here on this planet and beyond.

I feel I “woke up” in 2012, and experienced the dark night of my soul. I choose to create a world for myself where fear, pain, and suffering do not exist. I choose to live in a world where love is the vibration, and happiness and abundance is the new normal.

Location: I currently live in the Midwest, but I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.