About Me


Rochelle was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and is an angelic starseed. Growing up in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range in the shadow of Mount Tahoma has helped her develop a deep connection with Mother Earth. Rochelle loves working towards maintaining a high vibration and embodying her highest self. She believes maintaining a balance in life is key to bliss. Her main goal in life is to be happy and healthy. Rochelle believes nurturing and maintaining optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health will allow you to experience heaven on earth.


Eating clean whole foods and staying hydrated is important to Rochelle. She believes eating more fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts (and no meat or animal products) will help heal the world. She believes the more you eat food that is alive and full of light, the healthier and happier you will be. She believes that mother nature provides all that we need to thrive.

Rochelle is a newlywed and lives in Minnesota with her husband James and their dog Bella. She enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, singing, and dancing. Rochelle loves to perform in public but likes to lead a quiet and relaxed personal life. When she is not singing karaoke in her bathroom Rochelle enjoys reading books on ascension and extraterrestrial contact.

Rochelle believes cannabis is a gift from Mother Earth to help humanity rise above thought and into healing your body, mind, and soul.