The Patterns of The Universe: What is a pattern?

The Patterns of the Universe

To understand the Universe more intimately one must become aware of the patterns that consist of all that is. Underneath all objects, forms, and functions lies the distinct pattern to which all is created — thus all is connected. These patterns can be found in nature, in events, in music and art. The patterns of the Universe are all around us.

pexels-photo-813871.jpegDo I have a pattern?

We all have our own personal behavior patterns, personality patterns, and the pattern to which our bodies are created. The patterns of the universe exist in nature and can be found in plants, humans, the weather, events, and financial markets. Look at your clothing and you will notice it was created from a pattern. The Patterns of the Universe is found in everything that exists.

pexels-photo-129743Definition of pattern

1a form or model proposed for imitation
2something designed or used as a model for making things
3an artistic, musical, literary, or mechanical design or form
the geometrical pattern of the carpet
the strict pattern of rhythm and rhyme for a sonnet
4a natural or chance configuration
frost patterns
the pattern of events
7a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies, or other observable characteristics of a person, group, or institution
a behavior pattern
spending patterns
the prevailing pattern of speech
10a discernible coherent system based on the intended interrelationship of component parts
foreign policy patterns
11frequent or widespread incidence
pattern of dissent
pattern of peace

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary (

Where did the Patterns of the Universe come from? Who created it? 

The patterns of the Universe are created by consciousness. As a human being on Earth, we are aspects of source consciousness. We arrive with our own set of patterns and the ability to create here on the ground. The planet was created by conscious intent. We were created to be the caretakers of this divine creation. To become a conscious co-creator of the Universe is our birthright. So to sum it all up… we got the power!


Power in Self-Compassion


Hi guys! I sorry if I have been MIA for the past month, I have been working on a few projects and also just opened my Etsy Shop! I flew back home to Washington State for the winter solstice, so I will have to update you all on that trip as well! I am just so excited for all of the blessings coming my way and apologize for not keeping my tribe in the loop! Follow me on instagram for more frequent updates @newearthangel.

One thing I learned early on during my ascension path was the power of self compassion. As an empath going through my life lessons I often spread myself thin, focusing on pleasing others while I suffered.

I would try to be easy-going at work, and when a manager would ask if I could come in early or stay late I would oblige. I really did care about the team and wanted the best for everyone. I also attended classes at the local community colleges due to societal pressures. I did not resonate with the school system, and it took me multiple tries to start college and finish a semester.

College isn’t for everyone.

The first day I attempted to go to a college class I had a panic attack and couldn’t enter the door. I hid out in the bathroom, and started going to the library every day to make it seem like I was in class. Sometimes you just need to listen to your gut feeling, your body will give you signs on what is for you or not.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I was making it a habit to put myself and my needs last. I developed anxiety, depression, and became overweight. I found release in going out with friends, and as an earth angel, I would over indulge and wind up sick or become destructive.

Something had to change.

I had an idea one day, more so words of self compassion spoke through me from my higher self. It was a feeling of self-compassion and that idea was so foreign to me! I am used to taking care of others!  I heard “It’s okay baby girl, I got you.” The concept that I can take care of myself appeared in my mind and I started acting on these ideas.

I stopped drinking vodka and getting buck wild when out on the town. I started to take myself on walks around the neighborhood and city, I just kept walking and thinking. I started going on solo-hikes in nature, receiving healing medicine from the tree’s and plants.

I started incorporating healthier foods into my diet and stopped eating red meat. I started taking that time to really feel my body. I enjoyed putting lotion on my body and really nurturing myself, massaging stagnant energy right out of my field. I started giving a shit about my self.

I took action.

These small steps have completely changed my life. The simple act of taking care of myself has opened up new doors and opportunities for growth and expansion.
I started utilizing boundaries in my relationships so that I wouldn’t become so overwhelmed. This allowed me to focus on myself, and my health.

Self-compassion is a practice that is so powerful, it can completely transform your life. I suggest taking steps now to be sure you are looking our for your number 1! We are blessed to be alive on this planet, and returning is not certain. Getting enough sleep, drinking lots of plain water, eating fresh and healthy foods, and exercising are all acts of self-compassion.

What is your favorite act of self-compassion?

Do you have any routines to incorporate it throughout your week? If not, write down three things you can do for yourself this week that will make you feel taken care of. Review your list each morning and make it a goal to do at least one per day.

Much love,

Rochelle B

A walk with an Eagle

We are not separate from the Universe, we are the Universe.


Today was a crisp day in Minnesota. I went on a couple errands with my husband and we really enjoyed our time together. When we arrived at the local superstore I was just so filled with energy and loved the feeling of my hiking boots I ran upon the sidewalk showing off my spectacular skill of stopping on a dime. I then carried on with a ninja display of a run up the wall. I was just so excited to be out and just hanging with my honey.

Our visit to the superstore was brief, as we were simply there for a return. As we arrived to the customer service counter the clerk was quick, fast, and efficient only asking one question “Is it damaged?” which we replied “No”. Seconds later a receipt is in my husbands hand with no further communication needed. We must not get out much because we were actually shocked it was so  fast and that we didn’t need to slide his card for the return to be processed, it was just automatic!

While back in the car and leaving the superstore parking lot we acknowledged that it was way to busy out and that we should consider not leaving the house again this weekend. There were cars lined up everywhere and my husband quickly dodged the traffic and cut through and got out of there quick.

We arrive next at the hardware store, the second stop on our trip. We needed to purchase some fuses for our Solstice tree. While there we decided to get lights to hang outside as it’s our first winter solsitice in the Townhome, and we’ve always lived in apartments together.

It was not quite as busy as the superstore, but there were definitley more than normal. The decoration section was packed with people eyeing lights and deciding which ones would look best in their homes.  I had to say excuse me a few times and squeezed myy way between some displays. I was also able to pick up a product needed for a project I am working on (Orgone Energy Devices).

After the hardware store we went to our final destination of the day. A day park with a path around a small lake near our home. Here in Minnesota there are thousands of lakes, but this one is more the size of a large pond. Although it is a smaller lake I love it so much because it is real hot spot for bird activity. I love identifying the new birds I see and also being blessed to see large birds of prey such as the Eagle I met today.

Eagles are divine messengers from spirit.

I have a history with Eagles, Hawks, Red Tailed Hawks, and Golden Eagles since moving to Minnesota in 2016. They appear so frequently and I feel like I interact with them always in such profound ways. I love seeing them soar, dive, and simply stare at me. They are so magical and pure I know they are multi-dimensional beings delivering messages from heaven.

As we walk around the lake we immediately spot the Eagle that I had heard earlier in the day from my bedroom window. It had screeched and I immediately grabbed my binoculars from my side table in my room and spotted it. The soaring eagle was a little far but I was able to identify it off in the distance.

Back at the lake it was partially frozen and seagulls were hanging out in the center. Rounding the path we held hands tight and I admired the trees and wildlife. We spotted a huge beaver “house”, and as we wrapped our way around the lake we were lucky enough to view SIX beavers! I was just thrilled! We were also able to view a bright red cardinal, and a fluffy upside down squirrel.

When we reach the tree the eagle is perched high upon we slow down and quiet our voices. We walk past the tree to a clearing where we have a clear view of the Eagle above us. We were close enough to see our Eagle friend up-close and personal. To view the eyes of an Eagle, and have it acknowledge your presence is an amazing feeling. I told my Eagle friend hello, waved and said “I love you!”. We just stood there in silence for a while, and I requested the eagle show me his claws. Just moments after, his wings rose and he shifted so I could have a better view of his talons.

It was so calm and quiet, and after a while he spread his wings and silently glided down and off over the lake. Making a beautiful sweep around the trees and then finally out of view. My husband and I just stood there in awe for a moment before we continued on our journey around the lake.

I absolutely love getting out of the day to day routine and getting into nature. When short on time or when it is colder out and we are looking for a quick walk I am thankful to have a lake nearby to walk around and view natures gifts and see my wild family! I try to do this every week, especially now that the days are so short and when I get off work throughout the week now it is dark outside with the moon shining.

I have been doing much self reflection lately and just trying to keep my vibration high as we go through these significant cosmic changes. I am looking forward to 2018 and I know this is the year that I manifest my dream life. Yes, I know, I have already manifested my dream life once before! With consciousness expansion and integration of your higher self you never are done, you may reach one goal but the next is always arising.

So I let go of self-limiting beliefs, and release all that no longer serves me. I know that I can do anything as I am a divine creator! It’s just who I AM. I am setting high goals now, making plans, and taking action. I found an old “fortune” from a cookie today which stated “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So I am taking that advice, and planning, and not just planning but taking the actions needed to reach my dreams.

So the month of December I challenge you to meditate for at least 10 minuets daily, write in your journal your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas, take a cleansing salt bath on the new moon and set specific intentions for the new year. Peace and love be with you!



How to Quit your Job and Start a Spiritual Career


Hello my beautiful friends and thank you for your attention! Today I woke up and yes, it is a Monday I did not feel happy about going to work. I  was inspired to make a video, and my intuition gave me an idea when I was brushing my teeth and I just went with it! If you are anything like me you may be working for a corporation and are looking to get out and start your own Spirituality based career/ start your own business and take your power back. You are being called to offer your talents and gifts as an act of service to humanity more than likely if you found this blog.

Why should you should offer your services to humanity?
If you are looking to align your outer world with your inside it is only natural to progress to wanting to transform your career. When you are working for a corporation you often spend more time at work than at home. When we are working 40+ hours per week, add in the commute time, and time to take care of your chores (cooking and cleaning) we are not left with much time or energy to pursue our passions.

Our passions are there for a reason! Each of us come to earth with unique talents and gifts to share during our life on this planet and when we follow those passions the Universe will support us!

I have worked for corporations since I was 16 years old and I have to say that although I made amazing friendships, and have gone through massive amounts of personal growth through the lessons learned while employed. I am ready to move on and step into my power as a divine human.

Tips on How to Quit your Job and Start your own Business:

  1. Take care of your bodies. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.
  2. Follow your excitement! What are you passionate about? This is your unique gift to share with humanity.
  3. Persistence. Determination. Belief.
  4. Offer your gifts and talents as an act of service to humanity! Start a blog, website, social media pages for your services.
  5. Network within your community and also be sure to keep the energy flow open. Delete all self-doubt as you can do this! You can do anything!

11/11 Gateway + Crystal Bath Ritual

Hello beautiful souls and thank you for joining me today. We are now feeling the energies of the 11/11 gateway. In Numerology the number 1 is a signifier of new beginings, initiative, self reliance, ambition, happiness, motivation, fullfillment, success. This is multiplied four times on the 11/11 gateway which is a strong wake-up call for humanity. To the ones that are tuning in we are able to utilize this energy in manifesting our dream lives.

Today is a good day to set intentions, meditate, say your affirmations, visualize your dreams and aspirations and know that you have the power to create that dream life here and NOW! We are stepping into a golden age!

We are being activated and are now building up our crystalline physical and light bodies. Synchronicity is increasing and more divine humans are becoming aware. As a crystal being we are connected to our multidimensional aspects and are aligned with unity consciousness. All is love. All is light. You are unique, and you are the Universe. You are a special fragment of light here on earth to share your unique gifts and talents.

You may be feeling like a completely new person now. Now is the time to celebrate! We made it! We are here, together, and our personal journeys have been essential in anchoring these new earth energies. We have each learned many lessons, and through each lesson we have grown closer to our highest self. Be sure to stay grounded throughout this process as we are anchoring some incredibly high vibrations we may not be used to.

During this phase of the ascension process many of us have remembered knowledge of the Universal Laws. With this knowledge we are able to utilize life force energy in order to create the lives of our dreams. Stay focused on your dreams without any limitations. Reach for the stars and take your dreams higher than you ever though imaginable! Utilize the Law of Attraction in your life. All is possible!

To help you release all that no longer serves you I share with you a ritual to cleanse and charge your auric fields so you may build up your crystalline light body.

Auric Cleansing Bath: Crystal Bath

What a relaxing experience. Cleansing and Charging with my crystal friends.

Essential Oils
Flowers/ Petals/ Dried flowers
Meditation Music/ Speaker

Step 1: Before your bath take a shower and cleanse your bodies. Imagine the water from the shower head washing away all negative energy and attachments. State that you release all that no longer serves you and all that is not aligned with the highest good for all.

Step 2: Gather your favorite crystals or crystals you are intuitively drawn to. (Large crystals and raw crystals are my favorite for baths,) I used amethyst, Herkimer diamond, selenite (a safe distance from the tub), clear quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, a raw quartz specimen, orgonite, aragonite, and phrenite.

Step 3: Place your crystals and candles around the tub. Place candles around the tub as well. When you have all of your crystals and candles set up in a harmonious way I would start the music. I recommend isochronic tones in the meditation music at 528 hz or 432 hz for this ritual bath.

Step 4: Gather your salt, essential oils, and flowers. Run the bath at a warm temperature. While bath is filling, you may add the salt first. You are going to want a good amount of salt so I say just put a bunch in. Measurements I would put at least one cup of salt in this bath but put as much as you are intuitively drawn to as that will be the best amount for you.

Essential oils you only need a couple drops. You may stick with one main essential oil or blend as intuitively drawn. Then as your warm bath is filling up, drop your flowers into the soothing water.

Step 5: Arrange your crystals and candles (I used tea light candles in glass holders) around your tub, the crystals energy all have at least a three-foot radius, depending on the size it could be a much larger radius. I place the crystals on the edge of the tub but you can place wherever you’d like. Just create a sacred, relaxing environment.

Step 6: Light your candles and undress. As you prepare to step into the bath water, take a moment to set your intention for the bath ritual. I stated “With this bath I release all that no longer serves me, I cleanse and charge my aura, and remove all negative entities, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.”

Step 7: Relax in your crystal bath and imagine all negativity flowing out from your bodies into the water, which then is transmuted into pure love. You are surrounded in pure love and light. Enjoy.


After your crystal bath it would be good to air dry, meditate, and write in your gratitude journal. During this 11/11 portal day keep your vibrations high, meditate, say your affirmations and set your intentions for the day, get out into nature and take a walk, drink plenty of plain clean water, and be sure you get plenty of LIGHT in your diet. Cleanse. Charge. Transmit. Receive. We are crystalline beings. Love and Light my friends!

*Be sure the crystals you place around the tub are water safe.
** Salt can be raw, natural sea salt, Epsom salt, or non iodized salt.



October Life Update: Total Transformation

Hello Solar Fam!

An update! How am I transforming my life? I realized the power of my thoughts! Your thoughts are things, and everything has it’s own vibration. Align you thoughts to what you would like to manifest in your life! If we focus on positive vibrations, thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs we will attract the parallel into our physical realities. We have the power to completely change our lives! Check out my YouTube Channel for more!

Love you Angels!


Manifesting Blue Skies with Orgone Energy

Orgone energy is another tool for ascension that we have access to right now! I had a lovely morning enjoying seeing manifestation happen before my very eyes. Orgone devices transmute deadly Orgone energy (life fore energy ie. the energy that surrounds us that is not visible with your physical eyes) and transmutes it into Positive Orgone Energy! In a world where our bodies are exposed to high levels of inharmonious EMF radiation, and toxic air and water becoming the new normal we are needing to protect our selves. Orgone devices are truly a blessing and a very powerful tool to assist in healing yourself and the planet!

Much love beautiful ones!

Awakening to Universal Truth

In this stage of the ascension process many are awakening to the simple truths which are the Universal Laws. With the knowledge of these laws we are able to apply these teachings to our lives and truly become the creators of our existence.

I first dived into these Universal Laws by learning about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is.. very attractive. The idea that our previously seemingly insignificant thoughts harness the power to create our realities is a concept that seems so simple, yet it’s application creates massive transformation in your reality.

To summarize the Law of Attraction to allow for greater understanding is so simple: your thoughts create your reality. Your thoughts are energy, as everything is energy. So your thoughts do not simply disappear after you think them, they are sent out to the Universe and the Universe in turn draws to you the parallel of what you put out. ie. Thoughts of love sent out to Universe draws more love into your life, thoughts of wealth draws wealth into your life. Be specific on what you would like to attract to your life.

Before ascending further I did spend most of my ‘time’ thinking about my problems, what I did not like about my life, how I didn’t enjoy my job, and thoughts of being alone. What do you think manifested in my life? Sorrow, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. I was caught up in what I didn’t like about my life and did not have the knowledge I have now that my thoughts should be focused on what I would like in my life instead of what I did not like in my life.

So we must learn about these Universal Laws which we have been distracted from in modern society. It is time for us all to step into our true divine selves and create a life that we love, as it is simple. We just need to set the intention, believe it is, and take action to manifest our dream lives. This power is no longer reserved for the elite. We are Divine Humans. We are the Co-creators with the Universe!


Blessings to you, and may your path be lit with the highest light.



About New Earth Angels

My name is Rochelle and I am here to speak my truth and connect with other New Earth Angels, Starseeds,  and all other beings of the light. Let’s talk about New Earth Angels!

As a New Earth Angel we started paying attention to the messages we were being sent that we must ascend. We may have experienced suffering, depression, fear, anxiety, and more low vibrational emotions. We are New Earth Angels, we are here for a purpose and those vibrations no longer serve us so we were called to release them. That releasing process is not the easiest and there may have been some growing pains.

We were feeling the effects of being dis-aligned from our true selves and have been spending most of our lives as an outcast, something was always a bit off and we were trying to fit in to a society that does not resonate with our soul’s purpose. We were guided with a ‘wake up call’ to step back into our power and remember our galactic origins.

We have been created from the stars, and we are the stars. We are consciousness inhabiting a human vessel experiencing life in a physical reality. We are multi-dimensional beings. We are galactic beings. There are so many ways to explain it but I like to think that I am a soul having a physical experience, and that I have volunteered to come to earth during this moment of planetary ascension to be a light for humanity. You may think otherwise and that is OKAY. We all create our own realities and this is what I resonate most with.

We are much more than what we have been told our whole lives. Part of the collective choice to experience the third dimensional reality included creating systems that were not of the light. School systems as we know it are not for the highest good of human kind.  We must respect our children and create new systems and release those that no longer serve a purpose.

I cannot stress how important that we do not continue the system of education as we know it. We must not raise our children as we were raised because they are souls of a different time. The children have been incarnating on earth since around the year 2012. We are now about to enter the “year” 2018 and a mass amount of higher vibrational children are now being incarnated on earth fully awakened.

Our collective consciousness has risen enough that these new awakened souls are able to arrive. The most important work we can do to help these new souls is to remain in alignment with our sacred heart center and maintain a high vibration. Some of us will be tasked with the birthing process and parenting of these new earth children. We must nurture these divine souls of light and not “fuck up” their child hood as they have very important work to do.

When we are aligned with our sacred heart center we are aligned with ‘source consciousness’. Allowing our physical vessels to act as transmitters of divine love. Our toroidal field interacts with all life that surrounds us and we have the power to transmute lower vibrational energy to a higher frequency which will pass on to everyone whom we come in contact with, and so it goes on. Simply by being.

As a New Earth Angel you must remember your higher dimensional selves. Astral travel is an ability that we all have access to right now. I recommend, whenever you are ready for it, that you learn more about this ability and try to incorporate it into your life. It would be beneficial for all of humanity!

This website may transform as I evolve, and I notice changes everyday. Nothing is ever constant, and I expect to receive new knowledge every day and so it is. I hope this site can become a community. I know that during my awakening and ascension process I was very solitary and did not have communication with others that were like-minded. I think that I wouldn’t have had so many depressive episodes if I wasn’t out there on my own.

So I hope we can all become one big happy New Earth Angel Community. For now, I will be speaking my truth and connecting with all of you! Thank you for your love and support, I love you Angels!

All is love, All is light!
Rochelle B.

See New Earth Angels Services to receive tarot readings, guidance, and healing from Rochelle, an Angelic Starseed with a team of angels looking to assist with the global awakening and disclosure process. Please be sure to read Rochelle’s blog where she shares insight on the ascension process and becoming your highest self. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel, which will be evolving as I do! New content is sure to flow!


Star People

Hi Star fam! I heard this song for the first time today and I recommend you take a listen. Disclosure is happening now, and we are preparing to meet our star family! By remaining aligned and pursuing our passions we are being of great service to humanity! I am full of love when I think of the future/present/now. Remember to continue setting positive intentions for yourself and humanity and think of these intentions often throughout your day. Your thoughts are very powerful and essential in this work we are doing. Souls on earth are awakening at an incredible rate I see changes every single day! Our family will be here very soon!

Rochelle Denise
new earth angel.